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And release

It’s natural for a guy to release himself, whether it’s through his own doing or from a lucky day, but imagine having to do it on TV and in front of an audience… whilst having to sing along on the karaoke machine? Its sounds nerve racking and a lot like a complicated multitasking job, but what if you had help? Now we’re not talking about getting help from our Newcastle escorts, though I’m sure they’ll be very happy to assist when the time comes!

Anyway, there is apparently a Japanese gameshow that is doing the above. The premise is girls giving guys a handjob whilst they’re singing along to their favourite song on the karaoke, in some sort of mid-height pen in front of an audience on TV. The latter does make sense, I suppose the gameshow producers will have to draw the line somewhere and avoid exposing the guys’ manhood to the live audience! Our Newcastle escorts have been having a good old laugh about it! In case you wanted to look up this seedy gameshow, it’s called Sing What Happens.

The aim of the show is see how long the guy can last before he can’t take anymore and the deed has been done. You get the jizz (excuse the pun). I guess it makes no odds if the guy wins or not, because it’s always going to be a win-win situation for him. Would this be something that you would be interested in? Do these kinds of things excite you? Ok, well maybe not so much the being on TV part and in front of an audience, especially if your parents are watching!

If you enjoy playing games that involves a man and a woman being intimate, then you could make up your own version of this game with one of our Newcastle escorts. Our Newcastle escorts are always looking for fun and I’m sure they can help come up with a few game rules that will leave you feeling excited…


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